Wishing you a happy 2023

And here is a short annual overview and schedule.

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Remote control unit

We do work on it, to have it ready for shipping in January.

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“Is I2S better than USB?”

Hopefully, this blog article will sum up the situation, and clear out some doubts.

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Recent S5 update

A year and a half since we started shipping the S5, we are bringing some updates to it.

You can read more about them, and some information and photographs of the S5 interior posted here are actually premiered.

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Amplifier A21

The first Audial amplifier, the Model A, which was available in 25 W and 50 W versions, is succeeded by two new amplifiers. The first was the A20 (20 W), and now we are going to release the A21 (100 W).

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Amplifier A20

As opposed to its predecessor, Model A, the A20 brings five inputs, conventional 45 kOhm input impedance, revised exterior with OLED display, and revised Audial-made copper binding posts as a standard feature.

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USB interface board Mk3 is postponed

Due to parts shortage, the next USB interface board release is postponed. Hopefully, we will come back with it in 2023.

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Continuing the AYA story, we released the AYA 5, and made some significant changes with this version.

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Story of Asta

Read about the Asta development process, and have a first look inside.

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PC: Today’s grey area of hi-fi experience

So, it is a tricky zone to be in. But we tried to shed some light on the subject. From an esthetically oriented, rationalist point of view.

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Binding posts

Originally designed and produced for Audial amplifiers, these real copper binding posts are now available as aftermarket or OEM items.

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Binding posts



Another story about TDA1541A: 384 kHz

So, is it 384 kHz capable?

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Back to the roots: 14 bits (of TDA1541A)

How much does the number of bits matter? TDA1541A distortion performance shows no practical difference between its regular 16 bit, and 14 bit “mode” of operation. When it comes to the ladder (“R-2R”) DACs distortion, it looks like everything is about converter accuracy. More bits improve only on S/N ratio.

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Transformer output coupling

Audial reference DACs offer the transformer output coupling possibility. These two articles describe the major differences between the transformer and more conventional capacitor coupling, as well as the different approaches to system grounding.

Transformer coupling pros and cons

Classic and transformer coupling: System grounding difference



Firmware updates for USB interface boards

Firmware version 3.5 enables 352.8 kHz and 384 kHz support with TDA1541A simultaneous data or PCM1704 output.

Version 3.6 brings 4-channel functionality with I2S output. That way the USB board with firmware 3.6 and two stereo DACs can be also used as a two-way digital crossover.

These updates are available for download for both original, and Mk2 USB interface board version.



USB interface board Mk2



About Audial

Officially operating for 16 years now, Audial became well established among the audio devotees, and recognized for its unique products qualities.

We shipped the products to more than 40 countries so far.

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