Model A ultimate volume control

Two new articles bring more details about the ultimate volume control used in the Model A. The first article describes the approach, and the second one brings more information about cermet potentiometers.

Check them out.

Model A volume control

Cermet potentiometers



Website updates

We added fully automated online store, and PayPal as payment option. Also, HTTPS protocol, with strong encryption, now makes the communication between your browser and this website fully safe.

And now it is fully responsive design as well. Check this out by your mobile phone or tablet, and let us know what you think!


USB to simultaneous data (or I2S) converter

Asynchronous USB Audio Class 2.0, galvanic isolation, two oscillators, and reclocked simultaneous data output. With U.FL output connectors it would be adequate companion to AYA II 2014 or DS board, and of course the great possibility to connect PC to Model S MkIII, and use TDA1541A in simultaneous data mode. It will also support balanced topology.

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Binding posts

Premium version of Model A uses Audial made, real copper binding posts. Now these are available for separate purchase.

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Even though it was discontinued in 2009, the interest in this great DAC never actually disappeared, so it had several after-runs. “DS” was its 2015 release.

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