Machined of copper,
copper plated


Initial search for copper made binding posts for Model A turned into a making of ones of our own. Now, they are available separately, as OEM or upgrade / DIY item.

A €100 price applies to the set of four pieces.



As opposed to conventional binding posts and connectors in general, usually made of copper alloys (mostly brass and sometimes bronze) to improve upon copper mechanical properties, and make production more practical and less expensive, Audial binding posts are made of real copper.

Real copper sets higher demands regarding machining, and implies higher criteria to ensure necessary mechanical rigidity, however it is the only way to achieve required electrical properties. In addition, these connectors are also copper electroplated, to help corrosion resistivity.

It is important to understand one thing: alloys, and electroplating by other materials are used for practical reasons. They both can and do compromise sonic properties.

Real copper connectors can be easily distinguished from ubiquitous brass products, and even from copper connectors plated by precious metals, for their natural and relaxed tone, and higher resolution.


“Normal length” suits up to 5 mm thick amplifier back panels, and requires 12 mm (or 1/2″) holes. It includes isolation polypropylene washers / grommets.

“Long thread” version is intended for mounting at up to 19 mm thick loudspeakers panels. Since these panels are normally non conductive (MDF, wood, etc.), these connectors include washers, but do not include grommets, and require 10 mm holes.





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