A21 and S5 video reviews

Audial products recently got two nice video reviews.

The one by James Owens of ABX-Audiophiles, who tested and kept the A21 amplifier in his system as a solid-state reference for other tests.

The other came from Mark Cargill and Elite Audio UK, who unboxed the S5 DAC and liked it very much.

Hope you will enjoy watching, as we did.

2 thoughts on “A21 and S5 video reviews”

  1. Hello Pedja,

    congrats on these very nice reviews!

    Do you have a short annual overview and schedule for 2024?

    Thank you and all the best for 2024!


  2. Thanks, Matt.

    The previous year successfully brought the A21 amplifier (a great unit, IMO), and a wooden remote control also became available (a very unique item, too). The USB interface board Mark 3 was also released.

    On the other hand, we still have not released the aluminum version of the remote control unit, and Asta DAC got postponed again.

    Hence, for this year, I would be cautious. First, I think it is realistic to have these old plans finally fulfilled. Also, the S5 DAC will probably get some updates soon. Other than that, there will be probably another series of the AYA 5 DAC.

    For one year it should be enough. There are more plans and more works in progress, and I already mentioned some of them before, but now I’d like to have them more mature before coming up with any schedule.

    Wishing you a good and nice 2024, too!

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