Audial and coronavirus pandemic

Firstly, we want to thank all the friends and customers for their concern, and everyone who wrote previous days, asking about how the pandemic develops in Serbia, and how it affects the things with Audial.

For now, the situation here with Covid-19 is not critical, relatively speaking. The situation in many countries is probably way worse.

Audial continues to operate, and all our subcontractors do operate too. Things work slower than usual though, but there is no real outage, and there won’t be one at all, so long as we are not put on permanent 24/7 lockdown, which would practically stop us moving.

We will nevertheless process and ship every order, and every customer will be informed directly about possible unusual delays.

For now, during this pandemic, the lead time may be somewhat longer than regular, so it will officially increase to three weeks. To compensate for this, we will lower the prices a bit. Such a model will help us all go through this time.

(Audial online store prices and terms will be updated later today.)

As for the new devices schedule, the plans are consequently somewhat postponed too. We also need a better time to start promoting them. However, apart from the delay, nothing has changed about them as such.

Once again, thanks to everyone, and take care. Our thoughts are now especially with wonderful Italian people, and our friends in Zagreb, who yesterday experienced also the earthquake.

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  1. Now, as things with pandemic at our part of the world are slowly getting back into the relatively regular tracks, we are also moving back to the regular schedule.

    As already stated, none of the earlier projects was abandoned, and everything about them will practically normally develop from now on.

    Also, as of the 1st June, the prices and lead time will be restored to their previous state, as they were until March.

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