AYA 5 revision B (2024)

Another series of AYA 5 is coming.

Just as all the AYA projects released after 2010, this series will also be a limited offer, and available only for pre-ordering.

The project remains very similar to the previous AYA 5, so to see the main features of this DAC, it is best to read the original AYA 5 topic, which started in 2021.

There are also several differences included in this revision, and the main one is that the I/V stage DC offset is somewhat stabilized, to facilitate the use of output transformers you may want to add to your AYA 5 DIY project. The second most important is that the PCB is now compatible with non-A TDA1541 D/A chips.


The ordering forms are below, and we will accept orders for the next two weeks.

We will be faster with shipping than we were previously, because the project (rev.B) as such is already finished, and the prototype and several first samples are already being fabricated. These will be available for shipping in August. The majority of the orders will ship in September.

Every customer will receive a detailed assembly manual, however, please note that the USB stage is not supported for DIY. Should you want to use this stage, the minimally required configuration is the PCB with pre-assembled SMD parts – other than all the other SMD parts, this option includes a working USB stage.

Also, regarding the parts availability, the important news is that the previous year Elna SIlmic II capacitors became obsolete, and are mostly already unavailable. We still have enough of these caps to install in the AYA 5 units and boards we assemble, and you will still find them specified in the parts list, but you are free to use your parts of choice instead.

As before, the customers are advised to register with this website, so their account can be granted full access to the download area, which includes the assembly manual (30+ pages document, with schematic diagram, parts list, etc.), Windows USB drivers, and USB stage firmware migration files.

The assembly manual for this revision will be available during the next weeks. The user manual for the previous AYA 5 version fully applies to this one too.

Documents & drivers

  AYA 5 user manual, revision A

Assembly manual and Windows USB drivers download requires login with the customer account.

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  1. having the USB stage be 4 channel by default might be confusing for some people.. LOL. I’m not 100% sure how that’s used myself. for balanced? or 4 channel audio?

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