Current schedule

Recently, some things may appear to develop too slowly, however there was a lot of it happening on this side.

And for me the most time-consuming was my recent move, which also caused the official Audial address change. Luckily, this is mostly done for now (although it may be followed by another move later this year).

Regarding the ongoing projects, next week we’ll start shipping the second AYA 5 series orders, and taking into account delays and the current vacation season, we will surely notify everyone by email prior to shipping, and will not dispatch the order unless you confirm you are able to receive it.

The A21 project is definitely coming, and even though the designing process included one more iteration, adapting it to the available parts and fixing some minor bugs, the project comes to its fruition, so the A21 will be available for pre-ordering during August.

The remote control will be also available for pre-ordering at the same time, and it will be available for separate purchase in September.

Also, the S5 DAC will get some small updates soon. Unfortunately, due to the parts shortage and associated parts prices increase, as well as the overall inflation, a small increase in S5 price will be also inevitable.

In addition, I am preparing several articles for the Audial blog and community forum, hoping you will find them interesting and useful. The first, about my amplifier supply reservoir capacitor search, which spanned more than a year, is almost done and will be online soon.

Cheers for now!

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