Model S MkIII schedule

Due to increased interest in TDA1541A simultaneous data mode of operation, and associated customers demands, and in accordance with recent commercial availability of USB decoders with I2S output, Model S continued to evolve.

MkIII version of this converter will keep one S/PDIF input, while the second S/PDIF input of previous Model S versions will be replaced by direct PCM input, able to accept either I2S or simultaneous data mode signal. This direct input will use a set of BNC connectors (three for I2S, and fourth is required for simultaneous data mode), to pass the signal directly to TDA1541A chip. Model S MkIII will also include small but useful improvements in the passive parts domain. Other than that it will remain the good old Audial Model S that you know for many years.

Model S MkIII will ship from June 2015.

(Click on a drawing to see a higher resolution version.)




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  1. Audial

    Model S MkIII release is rescheduled for 15th July. We will continue accepting orders for MkII version for the upcoming two weeks, and then the MkIII will fully replace it.

    At this moment you can find some more information about Model S MkIII at its user manual, which is already online.