Model S USB release

As announced in several previous posts, Audial range of DACs is now being expanded by the Model S async USB equivalent.

Apart from swapping the Model S S/PDIF front end with the asynchronous USB one, the newcoming Model S USB generally retains no-compromise, state-of-the-art topology and solutions of its elder S/PDIF brother. Still, the Model S USB also applies several passive parts updates.

And, just as an S/PDIF Model S, the USB version comes to set the reference point in its own area, and here it is a high quality and natural audio reproduction from PC.

The main Model S USB features are:

— Asynchronous USB operation, with high class discrete crystal oscillators next to DAC as master clocks – no PLL inside

— USB front end digitally isolated from the rest of the unit, thus isolating host PC noise from the audio circuits

— Up to 192 kHz compatibility

— Externally clocked TDA1541A DEM circuit

— Proprietary transimpedance hybrid output stage, with zero feedback yet with top level performance (0.002% THD)

— Transformer coupled output

— Separately housed EI mains transformers

— Isolating mains transformer with split secondary (“balanced AC power”)

— Nine independent supply lines, with multi stage common mode filtering, and zero feedback low noise regulators

— A highest quality parts

— Engraved massive aluminum chassis

— Each sample of the Model S USB is accompanied with its own lab report.

The Model S USB is now available for pre-order. Regular sales start in August.

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