Model S will be discontinued by the end of this year

The Model S DAC has been initially released 11 years ago. A current version of this reference TDA1541A D/A converter, a Mark3, will be the last one, and it will be gradually discontinued by the end of this year.

This discontinuation process will give you the possibility to place a custom order as well. So, if you ever wanted the Model S Mk3, somewhat tailored to your own taste and preferences, now it is time to let us know, and we will get back with the quote.

The picture below shows one of such custom samples made earlier, a stripped-down Mk3 unit, with S/PDIF input only.

Jan 1, 2020: The Model S Mk3 is now officially discontinued. You can however still place an order during 2020, but please note that each unit now must be produced individually, and the lead time will be 35 days.

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