Recent developments

It was quiet here for some time, so here are some updates.

The first is about the Gramofone. The final developments turned Gramofone into extreme luxurious audio brand, and Malcolm settled on holding GF02 DAC release until complete line of products is ready. Now it is safe to say that the Gramofone will go very unusual route and exemplary undertaking in the audio, to come with the most luxurious audio brand.

In turn, such an outcome made a room for another asynchronous USB DAC, which will be released within Audial range of products, at more affordable price, and as async USB equivalent of Audial (S/PDIF) Model S. Its topology will in fact mostly mate the async USB front end, as used in Gramofone GF02, with D/A part of Audial Model S. The final price of the Model S USB is still to be determined, but it will be close to the price of existing Model S DAC.

More official announcement will follow in June, and Model S USB will be available in July.