Remote control unit

Although somewhat trivial in electronics, designing a remote control unit was a bit tricky, because of its case. Since this would be a low-quantity product, for now at least, molding (or casting) was not the option. Nor was it to order some OEM high-volume production unit, programmed and printed for our needs.

So I settled on making it the way Audial chassis are made: by machining the aluminum. Since such a process shifts the price, I also settled on not forcing the people to pay for it, and I also decided to design one remote control unit for all Audial devices supporting remote control. So, those who do opt for it will need only one unit.

Thus, this RCU works with the amplifiers A20 and A21 (buttons on top, and there are additional buttons here to support the future multichannel (pre-)amplifier), and the upcoming Asta DAC (six buttons in the middle, which will also be compatible with other Audial future DACs supporting remote control). Three buttons at the bottom are reserved for other Audial future devices.

And here is where we are currently at. We will still shape it a bit, hoping to have it finally ready for shipping in January.




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