S5 2024 updates (S5b)

As it was already announced, we are migrating to the revised S5 version, named S5b.

The main news brought by the new version is the remote control capability, and the S5b will work with the remote control unit we introduced the previous year. This added capability also implied certain changes on the front plate. The switch that drives the input selector is now based on the rotary encoder, instead of the previously used mechanical rotary switch, and each input in use is now indicated by its own LED. For those who asked, the power stand-by function will not be employed, and the power on/off will be still switched only by the mechanical push button on the front plate.

The S5b also brings one more I2S direct input, with an HDMI connector, supporting LVDS standard. Although we still believe that the A-link is technically a superior way to transmit the PCM protocols, the LVDS became widespread, so for compatibility reasons we included this one too.

The third most important difference is in the output stage supply. A 2022 revision already brought some improvements here, and these changes go one step further.

There are more small changes all over the PCB, but it will be impossible to mention them all in one post.

As for the ordering, all the previous S5 orders will be processed by shipping the new version, at the previous price. For the next ten days, so until 7 April, it will be still possible to place an order for the same price. The regular S5b price will be somewhat higher.

Also, speaking about the S5 changes, the ordering form from now on explicitly includes the options of 4- and 2-channel USB stage. We normally shipped a 4-channel capable USB stage before, and while there were no problems in using the multichannel USB stage with Windows PC or Mac, and while Linux as such also worked fine, some Linux-based (LMS) streamers showed compatibility issues. Now we also offer the firmware migration files, so the users can change the firmware themselves, from the Windows driver control panel. It is possible to change the channel count in each direction, so both from 4 to 2, and from 2 to 4 (migration files are in the S5 page downloads area, accessible to the customers).

7 thoughts on “S5 2024 updates (S5b)”

  1. The S5 page will be updated soon with S5b pictures and all the relevant information.

    Meanwhile, here are a couple of informal pictures of one early S5b made in black, at my desk.

  2. I do like how it looks, and it does look better than in these pictures, which are supposed to show the functional differences to the previous version (i.e. more LEDs on the front, and more connectors on the back plate).

    Anyhow, better pictures will come soon.

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