Wishing you a happy 2011!

Audial is pleased and proud to report that 2010 was another increasingly successful year in the row. And in times like this, there is probably no reason to stress importance of this fact.

And even though this was the first year that actually didn’t bring new devices with Audial logo, the year was alive at the designing side too, as it brought reference USB digital converter design, developed in cooperation with Gramofone UK. Official release is scheduled for the beginning of the upcoming year.

And, 2011 won’t be interesting only because of this release, there is more to come. In fact the plans for the upcoming year are probably the most ambitious so far.

Many of you were great help in 2010, for your honest belief, and real support. Be half that good in 2011, and again we’re certain to succeed.

So… have good fun tonight, and see you next year!

Pedja Rogic