Wishing you a happy 2023

The previous year was hard-working, and a bit stressful. It involved the move for me, and an increased number of orders at that, with the manufacturing process still hampered by continued parts shortage. And, due to health issues, some of my long-time collaborators were significantly off from work.

I however consider the previous year successful. Things do move forward, and new projects come to their fruition. The A21 is practically here, the remote control will start shipping in a few weeks too, and soon it will be possible to pre-order the Asta DAC too. The previously planned USB board version 3 is now also doable, and its release will now depend only on your interest.

So, with one more apology for all the delays with shipping, I hope and expect lead times to get notably shorter soon. Regarding the parts shortage, some parts are still not normally available, but the global crisis now appears notably behind. The bad news is, some of my previous TDA1541A sources stocks came alarmingly to an end, but I am looking around for other ones, to ensure future S5 production.

Anyhow, R2R designs will be in some form always available from Audial, and as you already know, for some time I am working on my R2R solution. There is no timeframe for this new R2R design currently though, so no promise about its release this year. The same applies to the future multichannel amplifier and possible pre-amplifier, which, at one point, should accompany the Asta DAC.

Wishing you a happy, successful, and quiet 2023,


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