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Aya 4 Second Run

Hi Pedja,

If i want to create a balance dac, with USB and SPDIF, which and how many pcb boards do i need?

How can I wire them up for balance output?



I am not sure if using an AYA 4 to make an S/PDIF balanced DAC would be practical.

On the other hand, with USB, yes, it would be possible to create balanced DAC with two boards (or units). One board would need a USB stage, and both boards would need D/A and output stage. The first one must be AYA 4, while the other one can be either AYA 4 or AYA II 2014 / DS (they all have the same D/A and output stage).

We will however firstly have to make an adequate firmware, to make both boards D/A stages operate as one channel balanced DAC. I believe this firmware will be finished before the AYA 4 second run comes out.

Such a setup will require 4 U.FL cables, to connect the first board USB output, to the second board U.FL direct input.


Received my board last week, preparing to source all the parts, but it is taking quite some time...

Maybe someone has mouser cart or something similar and willing to share?

I find some parts to be out of stock, like WIMA FKP02 100V 1n and few other things, any recommendations where to get them?

Resistors and rubycons are the easy part(and will be sourced elsewhere).

I just planned to post the recommendation to omit these 1 nF caps (C405/C406). But since this recommendation actually applies to the other DACs too, and probably requires additional information, I will start another topic.

Good point, I think I'm doing this the other way around, I'll better check all the info and mods(Edams at least), then will remove some parts from BOM.

Quick one, I see C5b on board but not C3b(mentioned in the doc), I'm assuming it is the one for PSU mod?

Thanks for pointing this out. Yes, that is the spare footprint, and in the AYA 4 it is C5b, so the board is correct, and the manual is not, but will be corrected in its next revision.

Above said another topic is here:

Still, if it is of any use, the FKP02 1 nF is available at Burklin, a part number 42D2614.

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