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Bob Lind - Somewhere in this city

Bob Lind's 2012 album Finding you again was his first release in more than 40 years, and it revived the late 60's production, by the means of modern recording technology.

At mediocre systems the sound is apparently congested, but, even though this recording can be certainly called mid-forward, the good system will also show why the midrange is the "most important" part of the audio spectrum, and reveal all the transparency there, in somewhat peculiar way, by the modern standards at least. Bass is there but not emphasized as in post-60's recordings. Instead, the rhythm is led by the rhythm guitar(s), with drums treated rather like percussion (emphasis on snare drum and tympani), so they also do not dominate dynamically. All bringing "we are well trained, the compact team" sonic message.

It worth noting Bob Lind as a strong author, and this album clearly demonstrates that, too.

(The album cover design, unfortunately, wasn't really up to its content.)


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