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David Sylvian

Given time, I'm actually growing less and less nostalgic, but that may be just my story. Sylvian's Nostalgia, however, remains. And it was the first Sylvian's song I've ever heard anyway.

Quiet but pulsing environment modeled by the keyboards, guitar and percussion, with Sylvian's velvet voice (and Shusha Guppy's The Silver Gun intro, unfortunately not credited at the album liner notes), boiling down to Kenny Wheeler's eruptive flugelhorn. Mind you, it was 1984, and also the analogue era.

And, as I was young enough to just start discovering (diverse) music, I also had to discover Japan backwards. Still Life in Mobile Homes, Night Porter, Methods of Dance, and so on, and that experience notably shaped my sound perspective for years to come.

And if you were wondering, DS of AYA II DS, partially did came as an homage to Sylvian.


And if some Sylvian's piece could be my favorite, The Librarian (Nine Horses) would be that one. Smartly structured, and everything put in place. And great recording, sonically totally 3D.

And for me it was almost surprisingly great, considering that I actually did not like some of his previous recordings' quality that much. Brilliant Trees was easily a reference recording in its time, but Dead Bees on a Cake, for instance, was too grainy and compressed in the midrange. Also, his recordings made during the last two decades can be overly damped, probably to stress their chamber nature - that is, the reverberation is shorter than anything that can be considered natural - but here it just works well.

Great lyrics too.


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