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Glen Hansard - Sure as the Rain

Not having in mind that much the recording quality itself, which is actually very good, both for conforming to the most of usual recording criteria (it is full-scale, euphonic, with high resolution, and all parts well set in space and levels) and for conveying the musical content, I put this piece here as a confirmation of the possibility to still have an uncompromising career, and bring some nice music to the so-called pop-culture, in our days.

And, hoping not to be blamed for associating Glen Hansard with myself by using the term "my generation", I am really happy to know there are my real contemporaries who still bring something creative and inspirational to popular music (we should always take popular as a very elastic term).

And although a song like this can not avoid the links with Nick Cave or Leonard Cohen, or even Roger Waters, it is certainly still Glen Hansard.


I had a listen the other day.  Thanks for the recommendation.

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