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Maggie Björklund

Maggie Björklund, who played mostly as a session musician, had only two releases of her own so far, and both of them were brilliant. So they are often playing on my system, as some of my favorites and thus also as reference (known) recordings.

They include about everything I expect from recordings: from melodies and harmonies and rhythm to the atmosphere and tonal colors, brought by nice production and competent sound engineering on top of all this. And on the engineering side, the positioning might not be the best I've heard, but dynamics, scale, balance, and definition are great.

And even Maggie's occasionally strange voice pitch is what I like - it brings the message. Moreover, she is surrounded by equally significant musicians. Kurt Wagner is "only" one of them.


Saying that I am getting old would not be very informative, but I just can not help feeling the time of highly inventive so-called pop music is dying away - not only because of Lanegan (as he alone of course deserves a separate topic) - and the time of strong persons and authors in this area will not get back soon again. Finally, we could be thankful for living in decades when this form worked as a frame for such unique characters and artists, and a video like this remains a sign of that time.

Produced by Johnny Sangster. Not trying to disrespect the others here, I'll mention also Convertino, because of his even-more-minimalistic drums set.


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