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Plans For 2019

Hi Pedja,

Hope you can share your plans and ideas for 2019. Looking forward to what you have been cooking!

Hello Arasu,

And welcome to the forum.

This year will bring several hopefully interesting news.

Firstly, chronologically speaking, the AYA 4 project, which I personally liked very much, will have its second run. This will be announced very quickly, within a few days.

The second, and maybe the most important for now, is a long time awaited eight-channel DAC. You will see its first technical details probably yet during the March, and release during the April/May.

Then, by the end of the summer, you can expect a multichannel amplifier, to accompany the above said DAC.

Also, currently the oldest active Audial design, Model A amplifier, will be somewhat updated during this year too.


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