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Plāys With Audirvāna


Any chance to get certified for Audirvāna?

I think it's not that complex process. I love that software.

I will check the details, and see what can be done, but I must admit that I did not use Audirvana before.

Also, in my experience, although some functionality may be application specific, it is mostly the operating system (and driver) that makes the DAC compatible or not. Anyhow, can you let us know your setup and confirm that Audirvana works fine with Audial DAC?

Tidal native app vs Audirvāna that stream Tidal too. I recommend to check that out, there is long free trial available 🙂 at least in my system it is weirdly huge difference..

S5 is working pretty fine on macOS / Windows. But for example on Windows the ASIO driver is forcing 32bit I think this is not recommended? usually this software plays at maximum bit depth that DAC support. I think during certification you can limit that to 24bit etc.

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