Model A is replaced by the amplifiers A20 (20 W) and A21 (100 W).
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Model A:
Smooth, clean and convincing

Understanding this simple fact about modern linear power amp chip design takes some time: the chip is not the limiting factor. It can be anything. The limit is a design around it.

And with this design, Audial Model A represents today’s state of the art.

It is tonally rich and easy on the ear. Precise, clean, and smooth. Dynamic and convincing. Three-dimensional, with body and weight.

In a word, it is the highest-performing amplifier, offered at a very affordable price.

• Linear IC-based stereo amplifier

• Low impedance shunt potentiometer, as ultimate volume control

• 15 cm total signal path length (input to output)

• Highest quality parts, selected for their actual sonic properties

• 25 W and 50 W optimized versions

• Machined and engraved aluminum chassis

• Optional features available

Premium parts

Model A can be shipped with premium parts. These include copper input and output connectors, uninsulated internal wiring, and a cermet potentiometer.

One or two inputs

For the purists, one input has all the advantages, as it just skips any switch. Still, a toggle (a.k.a. kip) switch can be acceptable. It is limited to two inputs, however two inputs are usually enough. Also, to avoid redundant internal signal wiring, this switch is located at the backplate, next to the input connectors. It was decided to avoid compromises associated with the rotary switch, which is required for more than two inputs.

Volume control

A low impedance shunt potentiometer is normally installed, and this is the best sounding volume control for this (and probably any other) amp. However, tube sources usually do not drive well such a load (as low as 750 Ohm). That is why the option with more conventional 25 – 50 kOhm input impedance is available.

Also, the Model A can be also shipped as a power amplifier only, with no volume control at all, and in this case, it has 47 kOhm input impedance. Such an option is suggested to users with, say, tube source and TVC preamp.


Model A is available in 25 W and 50 W versions. These options are offered to let Model A do its best in the actual environment. The only real difference between the 25 W and 50 W versions is in supply voltage. Please note that, when ordering, unless 50 W is specified, a 25 W version is assumed. In most cases, it is (more than) enough in the home environment, and hence the recommended option. Please note that the change in power does not change the price

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