Privacy policy

Accounts and subscriptions

Audial website visitors are welcome to register their own Audial website accounts. These accounts enable access to some downloads, and to participate in the Audial community forum. Audial customers are advised to set up their accounts, so they have access to the additional website contents, such as Windows drivers, firmware update files, or assembly manuals.

Newsletter subscriptions are not associated with the website accounts above, and e-mail addresses subscribed to newsletters are used solely to send newsletters.

Data protection

The data submitted to the Audial online store is considered private and is used solely for order processing. Consequently, it can be partially accessible only to Ecwid or PayPal.

Audial does not provide access to any other data to third parties, and also tries to keep respective databases safe and secure, and up to now they appeared fully reliable.

By all means, Audial respects everyone’s privacy, and does not spam anyone.

Credit/debit card data

Credit and debit card payments are processed by PayPal. We don’t receive or keep on file credit/debit card data. For this data, as well as for the other personal data collected by PayPal, their policy applies.

IP addresses and cookies

This server records visitors’ IP addresses and uses them for statistics and server security purposes.

This site puts cookies on visitors’ computers, to facilitate visitors’ browsing, and to verify logged-in users.

Also, some pages of this site use external site services for additional features (such as Ecwid), or additional site traffic statistics (Google). We believe that the cookies placed on our visitors’ computers by these sites serve exclusively to ensure the reliability of their services. However, for cookies possibly placed by these sites, their privacy policies apply.

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