Model A


A highest performing amplifier, available at reasonable price.

Linear IC, minimalist concept: short path and highest quality parts. Includes several breakthrough solutions, such as low impedance shunt potentiometer. Several optional features, to accommodate specific requirements. A 2 x 25 W and 2 x 50 W optimized versions.

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Model S USB


No compromise USB D/A converter that sets criteria for PC audio.

Model S USB is a non-oversampling 192 kHz asynchronous USB DAC that also pushes the limits of TDA1541A chip, operating here in simultaneous data mode, and with synchronously clocked DEM circuit. It includes Audial unique power supply solutions, high quality clocks, Audial proprietary top level performance zero feedback hybrid output stage, state-of-the-art layout, and top class parts. It has two sets of outputs, which can be either RCA or XLR, and either transformers or capacitors coupled.

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Model S MkIII


A reference in natural music reproduction from S/PDIF digital source, this D/A converter now also has an added benefit of PCM / I2S direct input.

Apart from non-oversampling topology and venerable TDA1541A DAC chip, Model S utilizes a whole lot of features that clearly puts it in a class of its own. It includes isolation mains transformer, a highest level of supply filtering, discrete low noise regulators, and Audial proprietary top level performance zero feedback hybrid discrete / IC output stage, to name a few. There are two sets of outputs, RCA or XLR, and choice of transformers, capacitors, or direct output coupling is available.

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Binding posts


Initially developed for Model A premium parts version, these real copper made parts are now available for separate purchase.

Significant improvement, and easily distinguishable from ubiquitous brass or bronze connectors, for their natural and relaxed tone, and higher resolution.

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