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Audial is currently offering direct sales.

You can place an order:

  • Online, at the online store. This process is fully automated, so the payment can be also made online, by PayPal, which can also process credit or debit payment cards. You can also choose the payment by classic bank (wire) transfer, and an online store will send you a pro forma invoice with all the necessary data.
  • Offline, by using the contact form or . On your request, we will send you a pro forma invoice with the data necessary for bank transfer, or PayPal payment.


The items are normally shipped from Belgrade, Serbia.

Typically, items worth more than € 1.000 are shipped by courier, and we normally use FedEx, but on your request, we can also use DHL, UPS, and several other providers. The items worth less than € 1.000 are shipped by regular postal service (registered Airmail, includes insurance). You can also arrange the shipping with your own shipping company, instructing them to collect the shipment at our location.

Units are normally shipped within two weeks, unless stated otherwise.

Shipping by courier then usually takes 2-5 business days to deliver. Shipping by Airmail takes 5-15 business days.

The customer pays all the shipping-related costs. The customer also pays all the import duties and fees, in the country of import.

We ship worldwide. At this time, however, for obvious reasons, we can not sell or ship to Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine. Also, if your country is under some form of international economic sanctions, or at war, it is recommended to check with us the shipping options before placing the order.

Also, retail sales in Serbia are currently not possible.


Audial claims proper work for the units sold, as well as their safe functioning, including safe failure, under the conditions of use, explained in the respective user manual.

The products are claimed to work properly at the moment of purchase and, unless noted otherwise, the warranty is valid for two years from the moment of purchase. During this period Audial is obliged to correct for any defect that occurs during regular use of a device, at no charge, either by adequate repair service, or when it is not possible by swapping the damaged unit for the new one. Warranties don’t apply if the defect is a result of misuse, negligence or accident. Warranties apply to the Audial units and not to defects on the units of other manufacturers.

For the units sold directly by Audial, an invoice with a seal and signature is also a valid guarantee certificate. Warranties are fully transferable from the original to the subsequent owner(s).

Return and refund policy

All sales are final.

Audial does not accept returns for non-defective products.

Please note that, for the payments made by PayPal, and according to the 10 Sep 2021 PayPal refund fees policy update (please see page 93), if the refund is required, for any reason, we can refund the amount we received, but not the amount retained by PayPal.

Freight damage/loss and delay

Unless the shipment was adequately insured, Audial shall not take responsibility for its damage or loss. Audial also does not take responsibility for delays caused by the shipping company.

In case you receive the shipment apparently damaged in transit, you should keep packing material and unit(s) intact and contact us immediately so we can file the claim.

Intellectual property

The content of this site is the intellectual property of Audial d.o.o.

Audial grants non-transferable permission for the use of the content of this site exclusively for non-commercial purposes and with a clear reference to this manufacturer and this site as a source.

For all other purposes, written permission from Audial is required.

Audial does not claim the rights to the content in the Audial blog and community forum, posted by the participants who are professionally not affiliated with Audial. That content remains the IP ownership of the respective authors, who, by posting the said content, granted the non-transferable permission for publishing to this website.

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