Time is “everything”

Ten years ago I published AD844 based zero feedback I/V circuit for the first time. And I did believe that it was great circuit. Great sounding, non typical and fancy, yet simple and cute, perfect for DIY. For me mind boggling. However audience reaction was quite disappointing. When I started the thread at diyaudio.com it took days for anyone to say anything, and talk then was mostly off topic. Honestly, I felt somewhat lost.

Next months however changed things. Some initially invisible people, and people who actually built recommended circuit, started showing up. And a bit later there were even more of those who built it as a part of complete TDA1541A project. Finally, things were not any bad, and this circuit slowly established itself at online scene.

My work and attention moved in the meantime into different direction though, and only recently, so ten years later, I realized another, quite lengthy thread at diyaudio.com, dedicated to said AD844 circuit. At the moment it spans more than 50 pages with more than 500 posts in eight months, and it records more than 30.000 views.

So, it looks like some things take time. And I don’t think this fact is really bad, either.

After all, it is time to thank to all those honest and inquiring minds for all the interest in my projects. Finally, that’s why it was good to share them.