Wishing you a Happy New Year!

The things with Audial developed further in 2012 and, as an outcome, it was another good year. You haven’t seen new launches though, but a lot of it has been actually happening, and results will be visible soon.

Thus, several new projects will be released in 2013.

Firstly, cooperation with Gramofone UK continues, and we are summing up previous GF01 amp and GF02 DAC designs to create the best sounding integrated stereo digital player. With housing made by Linley, it will be the most strong contender for the most exclusive audio product there is.

Another one has been firstly mentioned here one year ago, and it will be multichannel device developed by Audial for newly set company. This work spanned more than two years overall, and active designing took more than year now, but the result will be the most complete hi-end home audio device, and which includes not only multichannel DAC and amplifier, but also many other features.

Also, new Audial DAC is certain. The stock of TDA1541A is running dry, and we will act accordingly, yet not to make compromises but to take another step ahead instead.

Finally, as things with Audial are increasing, and with devices sold in more than 20 countries now, the main work on general level will be to create better local presence and provide adequate support.

We want to thank all the customers, prospective customers, partners and fans, for confidence and for being there in 2012, wishing you all progressive moves in 2013!