Model S DAC is a reference in natural music reproduction from S/PDIF digital source.

Apart from non-oversampling topology and venerable TDA1541A DAC chip, Model S utilizes a whole lot of features that clearly puts it in a class of its own. It includes isolation mains transformer, a highest level of supply filtering, discrete low noise regulators, and Audial proprietary top level performance zero feedback hybrid discrete / IC output stage, to name a few. There are two sets of outputs, RCA or XLR, and choice of transformers, capacitors, or direct output coupling is available.


Model S USB is a no compromise USB D/A converter that sets criteria for PC audio.

It is a non-oversampling 192 kHz asynchronous USB DAC that also pushes the limits of TDA1541A chip, operating here in simultaneous data mode, and with synchronously clocked DEM circuit. Model S USB includes Audial unique power supply solutions, high quality clocks, Audial proprietary top level performance zero feedback hybrid output stage, state-of-the-art layout, and top class parts. Two sets of outputs, whether RCA or XLR,  and whether transformers or capacitors coupled, can be supplied.


Audial supports inquiring approach to audio, and provides not only comprehensive data about each product, but also a plenty of information on different audio topics.


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It is about making something to last, and live with. About bringing music into sound.

And yes, they say it is a high challenge. For a reason. It means conveying not only high resolution content all through the audio band and three dimensional sound picture, but also natural, organic and textured tone and scale.

And being at the cutting edge is about abandoning compromises, and about thoroughly thinking every part of design. It takes brave ideas, and development involving extensive measurements at one, and actual and continuous music listening at the other side. So, not listening tests, but every day listening. Reality check.

That’s how Audial devices are made. And they indeed produce unique experience, just as real works of art do, that is equally exciting and pleasurable.

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