Model S DAC is a reference in natural music reproduction from S/PDIF digital source.

Non-oversampling, TDA1541A. Hybrid discrete / IC output stage, zero feedback. Two S/PDIF inputs. Transformers, capacitors, or directly coupled outputs. RCA or XLR.


Model S USB is a no compromise USB D/A converter that sets criteria for PC audio.

Asynchronous USB, 192 kHz, non-oversampling, TDA1541A. Hybrid discrete / IC output stage, zero feedback. Transformers or capacitors coupled outputs. RCA or XLR.


Model A is a highest performing amplifier, offered at reasonable price.

Minimalist concept, linear IC. Several options, to accommodate specific requirements.


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Feb 14, 2015

Lead Time

A higher amount of orders has caused general delay with shipping, and lead time exceeding one month. We are getting things back into regular track now, and hoping to be able soon to ship the orders the same week.


Jan 06, 2015

AYA II 2014, second run

Extension of original AYA II 2014 offer.


Oct 03, 2014

AYA II 2014 Talks

Support page for those putting together their own AYA II 2014 unit, with additional technical information on this design.


May – Oct, 2014

AYA II Revisited

AYA II, originally released in 2007 and discontinued in 2009, came once again in 2014, as a limited DIY only offer.


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Audial supports inquiring approach to audio, and provides not only comprehensive data about each product, but also a plenty of information on different audio topics. Here you will find listed some fundamental writings, including the most substantial blog topics.


Dec 2013, by Pedja Rogic

Sound of harmonic distortion

It looks like there is no consensus on audibility of harmonic distortion, so here are several examples of distorted sinewave, to help your own understanding.


Jun 2013, by Pedja Rogic

PSU transformers: EI vs. toroidal, and more

Actual sonic report, and actual measurements.


Aug – Nov 2010, by Pedja Rogic

TDA1541A and Model S USB: 192 kHz?, Simultaneous data mode, TDA1541A today, and TDA1541A grades and series

A series of four articles discussing TDA1541A through its relation to Model S USB. If anything can be a bottom line for TDA1541A, this is it.


Nov 2010, by Pedja Rogic

High resolution audio, asynchronous USB, oversampling, upsampling and stuff: The current state of affairs

Do the PC and USB really fit into high quality audio today? This article is a reference point on these and similar topics. Written in 2010, it only got more important over time, showing Audial’s leading position. Must read for every ambitious audiophile.


Nov 2006, updated in Apr 2011

Bypassing Windows kernel audio mixer (a.k.a. kMixer)

How to bypass Windows mixer and achieve bit-perfect output, and preserve the data integrity for high quality PC playback experience, in a few simple steps.


Mar 2012


A handy record for both those just stepping into a new stuff, as well as for experienced audiophiles.


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It is about making something to last, and live with. About bringing music into sound.

And yes, they say it is a high challenge. For a reason. It means conveying not only high resolution content all through the audio band and three dimensional sound picture, but also natural, organic and textured tone and scale.

And being at the cutting edge is about abandoning compromises, and about thoroughly thinking every part of design. It takes brave ideas, and development involving extensive measurements at one, and actual and continuous music listening at the other side. So, not listening tests, but every day listening. Reality check.

That’s how Audial devices are made. And they indeed produce unique experience, just as real works of art do, that is equally exciting and pleasurable.

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