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I/V stage and signal path resistors

Hi, Cosimo from Italy. I just have board AYA 4 and ready to assembly.

Which are ideal resistors I/V stage (Mills Series Non-Inductive wirewound MRA05,Charcroft z-foil, or what)?;
and in signal path (Audio Note Tantalum Non-magnetics?).

And carbon resistor best is carbon conposite or carbon film; which brand?

Greetings to all, Cosimo.

Hello Cosimo,

For me, carbon works fine most of the time. Carbon resistors are however mostly obsolete, so there is no much of choice these days, but vintage Allen Bradley (carbon composite) are still available, and they are very nice, and not any expensive at that.

If you want something better, wirewound might be the way to go.

I generally tend to avoid metal types.



I use Rhopoint wirewound with good results. However they are hard to find, I sourced mine with a lower Ohms value as I didn't needed all the gain after some talks with Pedja Rogic and Shane Ceglar. From their advices my pre which is 45 k ohms sensibility input was quite enough with a little less volt.

Something worth to cinsider is maybe the Bulk Vishay Powertron imho. Quite a challenge as the legs can enter in the vias, so flat contact soldering is mandatory. I also noticed if used, the / polystyren capacitor makes all the diference and I believe the tin foil LCR brand 2% precision are way better than the curent polystyrens, at least for this particular purpose in decoupling use. It is is said the old axial Philips & Roedenstein were something too.  I have some but not the courage to try as I'm happy enough with the LCRs brand.

The Allen Bradley in serie can not be omited for the tonal, at least with my hifi. I don't solder the last one at the buffer output (I don't use dc blocking cap nor the 100k shunted resistor either, nore output traffo in my single ended pre/amp. Something to consider is using the 1/8 w AB instead the 1/4 W... tonal balance is not the same as amounts of details, something to try to know if the speakers/room combo are very detailed or not.

hope that helps Cosimo.


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