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Ólafur Arnalds concert

One of the most prominent authors of his generation, who show that it is still possible to communicate serious music content to the wider audience. He also confirms that both the Tangerine Dream / Jean-Michel Jarre, and Penguin Cafe Orchestra heritages are alive, bringing them to the more quiet ground. His associations to the classic music are strong too, as well as his silent and somewhat melancholic Nordic spirit.

Arnalds just finished a lengthy tour that spanned 18 months and 140 concerts, and I attended the penultimate one, this Wednesday in Belgrade. And my bottom line is, everyone liking his recordings will like his concert even more, so if you've never listened to him live, just go ahead and take the next chance, you will be everything but disappointed. He, playing pianos and synths, with the string quartet and drums, produce a very convincing impression. Remarkable scenography and impressive lighting too.

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