AYA II 2014 DIY edition interest check

As a result of initiative by several TDA1541A fans at diyaudio.com, AYA II DAC may re-appear in 2014, as a DIY project.

AYA II 2014 DIY edition would be offered as one-time group buy. Both unpopulated PCBs and kits would be available. At this point, we need to check the interest, and pass the threshold to make this undertake run. Threshold is 30 PCBs, or 5 kits.

We will announce the moment we pass this threshold, and then we can accept actual orders. From that point, estimated time of arrival is one month for PCBs, and one or two weeks more for kits.

PCB price will be 35 EUR plus shipping costs. Kits, which would include adequately populated PCBs and dedicated transformer, will cost 450 EUR (one input), and 550 EUR (both inputs), plus shipping. In addition, unpopulated PCBs with dedicated transformer would be available too, for 90 EUR plus shipping. If we reach 40 PCBs, price per board will be 30 EUR, and if we reach 10 kits, their prices will be 420 EUR and 520 EUR, respectively.

Items will be shipped by Airmail, which costs between 10 and 25 EUR (insurance included).

We will direct 5 EUR of every PCB purchase, and 10 EUR of every kit purchase to support musical culture, by donating local jazz festival.

You can join by filling the form below. (Form closed.)


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    One bare board for me please, if any left over. Thanks

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    eh..i found AYA-DAC-reissue info too late.. but if is available – one kit for me pls, offer is permanent i would like to have one in my system.
    thanks in advance

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    Hi, i have already asked you about this on 13.06.2014 in the regular contact formular. If possible i want to order a pcb, or a populated kit for the AYA 2.
    Thank you.

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    I would like to have a pcb board
    thank you

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    I would like to order one pcb. Thanks

  6. Audial

    Some original participants have given up, so we were able to slowly accept additional requests, and all the above inquiries are addressed by now.

    Up to this moment we received full payments for 48 PCBs (with or without transformers), and full or partial payments for 7 kits. It sums up to 55 reserved boards for now, and with about 10 boards and kits orders to still complete we are close to originally planned 70 boards.

    PCBs are still in process, and they will be ready by the middle of July. Of course, AYA II project is not new, and a lot of units were sold during the years, and the project in its core withstood the test of time too. However, a couple of new features were added on this occasion, and it will be better if we have one fully working and tested sample before anything is shipped. It won’t be a lot of testing though, and it won’t take more than one week.

    Regarding the shipping itself: yes, it will require signature on delivery, and everyone will be contacted prior to shipping, especially because it is the holiday season.

    (More to come.)

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    As promised, we are going to forward 5 EUR per PCB, and 10 EUR per kit, to the local jazz festival. There is one relatively known jazz festival here in Belgrade, however this will be directed to the one happening 90 km further, in Valjevo, also in October, and also for the 30th time this year.

    Usually, its highlight is traditional RTS Big Band performance. I have actually entered the jazz the other ways, by listening to the smaller ensembles, ECM production, so-called world music, and similar stuff. In fact I didn’t even consider such a music actually a jazz – it was maybe about jazz musicians who played “something else”, but “real jazz” for me was about big bands, or at least about their musical derivatives.

    And back at that time that “real jazz” music was for me kinda surpassed, and basically… well, “useless for life”. But even then, even if I considered it conceptually outdated, the sound of big band was acoustically still just splendid. In fact, listening to the big band from time to time was one of those things that cut into the brain to actually form aural perspective. In one way, my conceptual understanding was correct: in previous two or three decades the music developed the way that didn’t favour big bands, and they lost their steam against more inventive small jazz bands. Yet, there was also the other, practical reason for such a development, the one that wasn’t intrinsically about aesthetics itself: it was about the higher “production costs” of big bands.

    Hence, in my view, having big bands alive is good, and that is why the festival like this deserves attention and support.

    Also, speaking about donations, I owe big “thank you” to all of you who asked about last month’s floods in this part of the world, and offered help. Belgrade was however only marginally affected, and nothing actually happened at my location, so the work here continued normally. Still, special thanks goes to Damien G. for his kind donation to the flood victims.

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    If possible i want to order one PCB and one populated kit.

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    Wait list for kit + PCB please.

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    Wait list for kit please

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    Hello, if possible, i would like to order 2 boards with EI transformers only.

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    If you have a surplus I wiould like to buy one PCB please.

    Thank you


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    I came across AYA II 2014 DIY edition-is very very interesting, I have a question: do you anticipate more in the near future availability pcb? I think many tda 1541 fans would be that interested

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    have you one pcb for sale ? 😉

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    We are obviously late with this project, so I owe apologies to all. I’ve had to make some changes in PCB design, minor changes in fact, but they meant another round of process. Now I did drew the line, so complete PCB series should be done in about two weeks. Holidays will be over then, which might complicate things with building, but then again delivery will be probably easier.

    Apart from some layout (and layout related) changes, there are two parts changes with respect to the preliminary documents that you received. The first, as some of you noticed, BF245 is obsolete and practically already unavailable, and hence it is abandoned in this project. Just until a few weeks ago I’ve had my own stock, and I was unaware of how quickly it disappeared from major electronics parts stores. In fact, things with JFETs in classic leaded TO-92 package generally got tricky, as industry moved to SOT-23. This is great for automatic assembling, but troublesome for many DIY-ers, so I rather choose to stick with J113 here. The second is I2S / simultaneous mode switch, which is changed to more classic style DIP switch.

    Speaking on parts… Their availability, possible substitutes etc. might be a huge topic, and I will set another page that will be dedicated to anything related to parts.

    As for inquiries above, replies were sent to e-mail addresses.

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    So, PCBs are here.

    Final checks and documentation completion will follow next days.

    Unpopulated PCBs will be then shipped first, probably starting the end of next week. PCBs with transformers will follow, and it will take a bit more until we complete the kits.


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    Currently all the orders that include unpopulated boards (with or without transformers) are shipped, and work on completing the kits is in progress.

    Assembly manual will be done in one week, and once you have this document as a reference we will open the new page to discuss the parts availability, substitutes etc.

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    Any bare boards left on this GB? Sorry for being late!

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    Douglas, thanks for your interest. New requests continued to come on- and off-line, however I will not be able to continue with this project on regular basis. So here is the current state of things, and my proposal.

    At this moment it is sure that there will be several surplus boards, meant originally as reserve while making complete kits. However, instead of selling them as such, these boards would be employed more usefully to accept additional orders for complete kits / populated boards, as this would be possible to do without major fuss only while work on kits is in process. So if anyone is willing to place an order for complete kit or populated board, please do so during the next few days.

    Once we got the kits completed, and thus this originally started AYA II 2014 undertake done, I can set up a new list for unpopulated boards only. This list would be open probably sometime the last week of October, and then we will make required another batch of PCBs.

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    Sorry, it had to read “this list would be open probably sometime the last week of October”, so it is corrected.

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    Hi ,it,s still available?i be intereste in 1 populated kit with transformers,Thanks


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    I’m in, interested in bare PCB!

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    I could be interested in a populated board. Please advise cost by email.

  24. Audial

    Replies to requests for populated boards / kits were sent to e-mail addresses.

    Requests for unpopulated boards will be addressed in about ten days.

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    Please let me know current price and availability and what is included. I will then select one. Thanks

  26. Audial

    The prices are as quoted by initial, and updated by one of the later posts in this topic.

    So, completed kit (populated board and transformers) is 550 EUR, and kit with one input is 450 EUR. Kit can be shipped also with no front ends at all (so D/A and output stage only, with their own supplies, of course), and price in that case is 350 EUR. Relays and u.FL connectors can be also installed on board with one or no front ends, which adds 20 EUR to their prices (normally such boards have jumpers in this place). Kit without transformer costs 50 EUR less. For the second run, the price for unpopulated board will be again 30 EUR.

    Shipping cost depends on shipment weight and destination, and is between 10 EUR and 28 EUR for air mail, insurance included.

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    Hi pedja ,
    Pls let me know
    When can be ship our complete kit ?coz I have to go oversea next week nobody at home and back end of oct.

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    I’m interested in two unpopulated boards please. Thx

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    Thanks. One PCB please.

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    @ Myint:

    Everyone will be notified by e-mail prior to shipping, so we make sure everything goes when and where it needs to.


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    one unpopulated board for me please

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    1 unpopulated PCB please

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    one unpopulated board for me please

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    2 unpopulated boards for me please.

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    Did the emails go out? Just checking to not miss it. Thanks

  36. Audial

    We will make official offer for second run soon, but all the inquiries above will be taken into account too.

    Once the offer is closed everyone will be e-mailed back.

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    Dear pedja,
    Complete kit when can be ship ?

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    We did start to ship the kits. Your kit will be shipped by the end of this week, or possibly on Monday.


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    I would like to get one board when you place the new order


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    I would like to order one pcb. Thanks

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    I would like to order one bare pcb when you place the new order .

  42. Audial

    Noted, thanks.

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    I would like to order one pcb.
    Thank you

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    Hope it’s not too late for me to order one AYA II pcb.

  45. Audial
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    Hi Pedja,

    I’m trying to finish up my build and I find that I am unable to source the proper trafo in the US and I don’t want a bunch of toroids in the case just to have separate supplies. Do you have any spare trafos and how can I buy one securely, please PM me at your leisure.



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    Hello Paul,

    Yes, at this moment there are two EI transformers that remained from previous batch.

    Payment and shipping can be done the same way, I have no more options than I have had previously.


  48. Audial

    Another run of AYA II, named DS:

    AYA II DS DIY edition

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