AYA II 2014 DIY edition, second run

As an extension of original AYA II 2014 DIY edition offer, here is the second turn of AYA II 2014 orders. This run will be called revision A, but there will not be any important changes with respect to original 2014 release.

At this time only orders for unpopulated PCBs and transformers will be accepted. PCB price is 30 EUR, and transformers price is 50 EUR, which applies to both toroidal and EI units. It was interesting to see quite an interest for isolation mains transformers previous time, so now isolation transformers can be ordered too.

Shipping will be again done by Airmail, which costs between 10 EUR for PCBs alone and 30 EUR for shipments with (one) transformer, insurance included.

Payments by bank transfer, or by credit or payment cards (processed by Skrill, requires registering with Skrill). Again, apologize for not accepting PayPal.

Subscription form is below, and please use the last field to let us know what you are exactly ordering, and required quantity. Douglas, bnsw, tagheuer, peter, David, Saka, Factorix, randytsuch, Cosme, Leszek and yyzz are already accounted, so no reason for them to sign up again.

The form will be closed in 10 days, and then everyone subscribed will receive an e-mail with further information. (Form closed.)


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17 Replies

  1. Avatar

    Hi Pedja
    Can you say, the transformers you sell with AYA II are specific (multiple shots secondary.), Or can be found?
    And what includes the 50 € by transformers, only 1 or more than 1?
    Best regards

  2. Avatar


    AYA II needs seven separate secondary windings, which takes dedicated, custom wound transformer. I am not aware of any ready made transformer that can be used here, so it would take a combination of several ready made transformers with adequate secondary outputs instead.

    Quoted price applies to (one) dedicated transformer, of course with all necessary secondary windings.


  3. Avatar

    So what would be the price for the PCB, power transformer and isolation transformer?

  4. Audial

    The price would be 130 EUR for items, and shipping costs for package with two transformers would be between 25 EUR (for Europe) and 45 EUR (for Australia).

  5. Avatar

    So keep me in account for the PCB and the two transformers.

  6. Avatar

    EI transformers

  7. Audial


  8. Audial

    Another two days to join.

    Confirmation e-mails will be sent out next week.

  9. Audial

    The form is closed now.

    Proceeding by sending e-mails.

  10. Avatar

    Hi there,

    I’m still interested in getting qty:2 AYA II DAC pcb.

    However I haven’t received any email yet to place the order.

    Is there by any chance you missed sending me the email ?

    Thanks in advance.

  11. Avatar

    All the e-mails are sent today. Please let me know if you (or anyone else) still didn’t receive it.

  12. Audial

    The boards are now ready, and will be shipped during the next few days.

  13. Avatar

    Is it still posible to buy a pcb + transformer ?

    Greatings from Germany


  14. Avatar

    Hello Oliver,

    Thanks for your interest, but there are still only a couple of partially populated boards, that served as a backup for originally ordered kits. So I guess the answer to your question is unfortunately not positive.

    And, as I do receive such requests from time to time, my general answer is that, even though it can be fun, a few years ago I had to make a major decision to give up of regularly selling DIY items. And, despite of previous year’s AYA II release, I am regrettably not able to handle even such occasional requests.

    However, it looks like this project still draws the attention, and I would be of course dishonest if I would say that I am not happy about that. So if there would be enough interest, we could repeat and made another run of these items, maybe sometime by the end of this year.

    Best regards,

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    Hey Pedja,

    Came here from diyaudio! Am also keen for a kit when available 🙂


  16. Avatar

    Pedja, like to have a board, hope to be able to pay convenient (I read this is a troublesome thing).
    I now have red baron; is very poor in layout.

  17. Avatar


    For these PCB purchases people often asked to pay by PayPal, and it could be indeed the best option. Skrill (with their sometimes clumsy account verification) turned out troublesome in some cases. On the other hand, bank transfers are rather suited for higher amounts.

    Hopefully, PayPal PayPal payments will be also available soon.